Fantasy Football at Doc James Cigar Club

September 1, 2017 Blog

Maybe I am getting old but I don’t get the fantasy football craze. This fantasy stuff has become larger then the game itself. Yes I understand there is the potential to win money, that part I do get. Seems like a lot of work, drafting, waivers, keeping track every week. Personally I don’t have the will or time to get into it.

Now from my business perspective I absolutely love it. The members of Doc James Cigar Club have formed 2 leagues. They had 2 drafts before the season started in the cigar club. So many fine, premium cigars were consumed from Davidoff’s to RoMa Craft during the draft process.

With the NFL season in full swing the members gather in the club to follow their teams. With football on 3 times weekly the club is quite the buzz. The more they are here the more quality cigars are enjoyed. All brands are covered judging from the bands in the ashtrays. Many new offerings from DavidoffPerdomoTatuajeL’AltierRoom 101 Ichiban, Fuente and much more. It is male bonding at it’s best. Hey this fantasy football thing isn’t so bad after all.


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